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Ready to Learn Initiative

The Ready to Learn Initiative is a kindergarten readiness program focused on preparing all children within Sangamon County to be ready to learn, ready to play, and ready to succeed.

The Initiative provides screenings to children ages three to five in preschool/pre-K programs and family childcare providers in Sangamon County, as well as community screenings conducted off-site. Screenings use the Brigance screen, which tests for developmental delays in children across three areas: academic, motor and communication.

Since inception, Community Connection Point, along with many partners and volunteers throughout the county, have strategically expanded the program each year. Teams of professionals are now able to screen children in order to share results with parents, help connect families to appropriate resources as needed, and remove many of the barriers that have previously existed throughout our communities related to early care and learning.  The screening results may also be shared with school districts so Kindergarten teachers can be aware of screening data for their incoming students.

While these screenings are only one piece of the information gleaned from ongoing observation and customized learning plans for a child, the developmental “check-ups” have greatly enhanced the services available, the communication between all that are invested into the life of the child, and the readiness of children as they enter the first day of Kindergarten.

If you are interested in being a participant or a community screening site, please contact one of our Ready to Learn Coordinators at 217-525-2805:
Tabitha Carie        ext. 8221
Amber Wiegand   ext. 8302
Denise Groesch   ext. 8303